For centuries, Shea butter has been called “Women’s Gold” not only for its rich golden color (although Shea butter can also sport a deep ivory hue, depending on the region) but primarily because it provides employment and income to millions of women across the continent.


We are working to promote the use of Fair-Trade principles. We are also seeking to encourage discussion and implement the “trade not aid” strategy to create a cultural bridge of global citizenship that will inspire trade relationships over simply donating.

Our Shea Butter is 100% traditionally crafted

We source exclusively from Gulli, a small village in the Upper West Region of Ghana which provides income to women during the Shea harvest and production season.

Every purchase ensures that our cooperative's members generate income in a community where they lack access to income generating opportunities.


Yellow vs. White Shea Butter

Ah the age old question.”What is the difference and which one is better?” Truth is, both will work just as well on the skin when it comes to healing and moisturizing. Some just have a preference over the other.  We came across a really interesting article on SheaButterLicious discussing the difference of yellow and white Shea Butter. […]

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